For Display...

Our trays make for a great way to display your figures either mounted on a wall or resting on an ordinary book stand

For Storage...

Our trays transform a common office archive box into a purpose built high quality storage solution with easy access

Our Customer Testimonials

“...I love the trays, great way to store and display my 4 inch action figures…"

“...I have to say that these are amazing in hand..."

“...the trays arrived safe and sound and are totally fantastic…"

Introducing Action Figure Collector Tray Inserts!

Check Out Our Trays in Action!

What is it?

Toy-Gear is proud to introduce Action Figure Collector Trays as the perfect compliment for quality loose figure collections of Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Indiana Jones, Marvel and more. Our initial 12 Compartment Trays have been specifically designed to fit most modern and vintage action figures and provide a neutral, padded, organized long term storage solution. They also make for a great way to display your figures with an acrylic stand or mounted directly to a wall. Trays for different sized action figures are also available.

Why do we need it?

Being avid action figure collectors ourselves, we realized that as our collections grew, we were looking for not only a better way to store our figures but a purpose built solution for displaying them. Even moving our collections around and keeping them organized became a big task. We searched high and low and found nothing that would be suitable for our needs. So we decided to develop our trays!

What does it include?

Our system is comprised of individual trays with equal sized compartments. That gives you the potential to display or store dozens of action figures depending on the tray type you use. We have designed our trays so that groups of 4 trays can fit in any standard sized archival office box (15”x12”x10") allowing you to use the very same trays for display and storage. By attaching a slip cover to the outside of the box, you can list all the figures contained within, or you could even take a snap shot of each tray and print it out for easy content reference.

Who can use these?

Individual collectors of mint condition loose (opened) action figures who want to store or display their collections. Even those who just want the safest possible way to ship their collections. This is also an ideal solution for dealers both at the retail level and those who frequent collector, toy, and comic shows.

What are the trays made of?

Each tray is made out of a high quality non-toxic closed cell XLPE material which is completely neutral and has no off gassing with an extremely long shelf life, in excess of 30 years, with no degrading. Constructed and bonded with top quality 3M adhesive. Our trays can be stored in a wide range of temperatures, and are resilient against pests, moisture and mold.

What other figures can be stored?

We will be offering trays with compartments specifically designed for 3 inch, 6 inch, and 7 inch figures along with our inital 4 inch offering. That means for the 4 Compartment trays you could store He-Man modern and vintage, WWE (Mattel & Jakks). For the 8 Compartment trays you could store Mcfarlane 5-6 inch figures, Star Wars Black 6 inch series, Marvel Universe 6 Inch Series. For the 24 Compartment trays you could store Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Slot Cars, MASK Figures, Lego Mini Figures, Playmobil, and more. Although our trays have been designed specifically for action figures, we have found they provide an excellent solution for anyone who needs padded, organized compartments for various delicate items such as Christmas ornaments, watches, jewelry, shot glasses, to name a few.


Opaque Dark color ensures an optimal backdrop to showcase your figures

Inert Material

Free of chemicals that could react to your figures, no off gassing, low odor, non toxic


Light and Strong while providing paint scuff padded protection for your figures


High quality material designed to last well in excess of 30 years

Closed Cell

Each individual cell has its own cell structure for increased strength and rigidity that does not degrade, unlike open cell material


Eco-friendly in manufacture and disposal (does not contain chlorine, mercury, or lead as a base)


Mount them on a wall or display in a Detolf cabinet or you can use your own office boxes and archive them. Display or Store the choice is yours

UV Protection

Trays are designed to be stacked in order to protect figures from harmful UV light when stored.