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Introducing the team behind ToyGear

Mission Statement:

Toy-Gear is committed to making products for the collector, both young and old. We have designed these trays to service the collector first and foremost and are dedicated to improving and refining them. This goes for all the products we will be developing and producing in the near future.

Our goal for the Action Figure Collector Trays range is for it to be available in a wide range of retail venues; to enable you our customers to be able to buy them with ease and total convenience. So as your collection grows, we are there to help protect and display them with a wide range of tray sizes and types.

Jason N. Webb

Jason was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Educated at RIT in Rochester, NY and graduated in 2003 with a MFA in Computer Graphic Design. Jason owned and operated a Signarama franchise in Denver, CO.

On the fun side of things Jason has a vested interest in this project, being an avid toy collector himself. Jason’s current favorite toy lines are the Masterpiece Transformers line and the Modern era G.I. Joe line. Long Live the 80’s right?

Jason and Rupe have been close friends for well over a decade and have partnered several times over the years on various kinds of successful projects.

Rupinder Malhotra

Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, Rupinder decided to pursue his professional career on this side of the pond. Graduated York University (BFA), Rupe has always had a profound love for technology, movies, and toys. After owning and managing a highly successful technology firm, Rupe formed R.M. Productions Ltd. in 1998 as an outlet for his creative vision and as a springboard for the development of entertainment properties spanning Film, Video Games, TV/Web Animation, and Toys. His passion for toys has been instrumental in helping to Co-Design Action Figure Archival Trays. Rupe also has extensive Product/Toy prototyping experience and has been both a model maker and a customizer spanning a number of years.

Media & Investors: Please download our July 2016 press release PDF