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February 23rd 2017

All inserts are now in-stock. We’ve also added new inserts! The new inserts as follows: Space Wars Imperial Strike for 12C, Indiana Smith Stone Wall for 12C, and last but not least Space Wars Vintage for 8C. Don’t worry there will be more to come! Why not go to our webstore and snag a few inserts hot off the printing presses?

February 17th 2017

Our truckload of Trays has now come in! We currently have stock on all sizes 4C, 8C, 12C, and 24C. They are available for purchase and shipping immediately via our webstore.

In other news we’re expected to complete our final Kickstarter rewards during April!

November 10th 2016

Orders have opened on 12 compartment Inserts, shipping immediately! The 24, 8, and 4 compartment inserts will be in stock and shipping in a few weeks. Check out our store for more. Our inventory shipment of Action Figure Collector Trays have been unexpectedly delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. We expect to have stock ready to ship in the next few months - stay tuned!

November 5th 2016

Check out some of our NEW tray pictures! The first is a 24 compartment tray displaying vintage Marx Soldiers and the second is a 12 compartment tray displaying 18 modern Marvels with the Superheroes Classified Wars Inserts.

November 1st 2016

We’ve been hard at work prototyping the retail packaging design and fabrication. Check out our latest efforts. Please note that all current bulk orders from our store will not feature retail packaging at this time.

July 21st 2016

Inital Pre-Orders have opened and we will only currently be accepting PayPal! These will be limited to 2-3 weeks until quanities are filled. Why are you still here go BUY! BUY! BUY!

February 28th 2016

The latest test batch of trays came in and we and decided to make a display out of them for both GI Joe and Star Wars, rivals in the 80’s, coexisting happily in 2016!

February 24th 2015

Logo and Name change! We’ve changed the name to “Action Figure Collector Trays” followed by minor refinements to the logo to ease readability and recognition.

December 19th 2015

Our online webstore will go live and preorders will open once Kickstarter backer rewards begin shipping in volume. Keep checking this space as well as our social media hubs….and don’t forget to sign up for email updates!

December 10th 2015

Our Kickstarter campaign recently ended with an astonishing 720% above our set goal in only 29 days! A huge thanks goes out to everyone who supported us by contributing or by getting the word out. We shared our project with only a few awesome collector websites so we are really thrilled with the funding result! Check out the chart below!

November 23rd 2015

Our Kickstarter campaign is currently at 500% of the goal. The clock is ticking with just 7 days left to go if you don’t want to miss the limited special pricing come check us out here:

Action Figure Archival Trays Kickstarter Campaign

November 8th 2015

We were recently at ToyCon & Mego North in the greater Toronto area and were overjoyed to give the local collector community a hands on experience with our production sample trays. We got a great response from everyone at the show and it was a lot of fun talking to collectors about our mutual love for toys and all things action figures. Check out the images below for our table display. Hope to see you all at future shows!

November 2nd 2015

Our Kickstarter campaign goes Live. Check the link on our main page for more info.

October 28th 2015

Contest Ends. Winner will be announced soon. Please stay tuned.

October 4th 2015

We’re going to be at the Action Figure Sale in Brampton, Ontario. See you there!

Sept 27th 2015

See you at the 12th Annual Canadian Action Figure Expo in Toronto!

Sept 20th 2015

New website goes live. Contest offer posted.

August 25th 2015

We’re launching on Kickstarter soon. Please watch this space or subscribe to our email list and we’ll notify you.